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University Transportation and Parking Services

Volunteer Parking Permit Request

A Volunteer Identification Form must be submitted to and approved by Human Resources before you are elgible to receive a volunteer parking permit. More information on being appointed a volunteer here. Volunteer parking permits are issued each spring, summer and fall semester.


    1. Complete a new Volunteer Parking Permit Form (this form)
    2. After receiving an email notification that your Volunteer Parking Permit request was approved, bring a valid government ID to the UTAPS office. Office hours are located on our website.
    3. A cashier will immediately issue a volunteer permit after verifying your form, ID and volunteer status.

Section 1

Do you Qualify?

    Are you an enrolled Sac State student? Yes     No
    Are you a Sac State faculty member, staff, contractor, vendor or consultant?           Yes     No
    Are you receiving pay or any other compensation from any entity for your time on campus?                 Yes     No
    Are you receiving any type of academic credit from any entity for your time on campus?                 Yes     No

Section 2

Applicant Information

  • Semester Year
  • First Name Last Name Middle Initial
    Mailing Address (Street and Number or P.O. Box #) Phone Number
    City State Zip Code
  • Email Address
    Supervisor's Name Department

Section 3


  • The volunteer permit is only valid with the vehicle(s) listed below. Only two vehicles may be linked to the permit. If you need to change the vehicle(s) linked to your permit, you must update your permit at the UTAPS office.

    License Plate: Make: Model: Color:
    License Plate: Make: Model: Color: