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School of Nursing

Traditional, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, GPA & Total Points Calculator

    Review the Prerequisite Requirements & FAQ's guide and more on our website.
    Attend a Group Advising session.
Minimum Eligibility
    Minimum Total Points = 60
    Minimum Nursing GPA = 3.300
    Minimum Science GPA = 3.000
    Minimum TEAS Score = 75.0%
     Applicant Pool Statistics

I would like to be considered for the following Optional Criteria points.
    Please refer to the Optional Criteria guide for requirements, required documentation, and deadlines.
    Click here to upload any required documentation to the Nursing Document Submission site.
Bilingual Language Proficiency (3 points).  
Health Related Work Experience (max 3 points).  
Environmental Background (4 points).  
First Generation College Student (4 points). (No documentation required).
No Courses Omitted from Adjusted Nursing GPA (2 points).
No Repeated Courses Included in Nursing Prerequisite/Corequisite Course GPA (2 points).

Enter nursing prerequisite & corequisite grades below:
    Pluses and minuses are not included in any of the Nursing GPA calculations (e.g., a B- or B+ is calculated as a B grade).
    All science courses are calculated as 4 units (Anatomy or A&P I, Physiology or A&P II, Chemistry, and Microbiology):
         + Separate lab – 3 units/1 unit lab
         + Science courses may not be more than 4 units
         + A&P 3 course series – 2.666 for each course
    All other courses are calculated as 3 units.
    Life Span Human Development:
         + 1 course - 3.0 units
         + 2 course series – 1.5 units for each course
         + 3 course series – 1 unit for each course
    AP/IB Credit – Select AP/IB Credit under Grade column, do not enter any units.
    In Progress – Select In Progress under Grade column, do not enter any units.
    No worries if you enter units in error, the system will automatically omit!
    Omit – Enter grade for all courses completed to date, then use omit button in far right to indicate courses you wish to omit from your Adjusted Nursing GPA (maximum 2).
         + Candidates who have completed 9 courses may omit 1 grade
         + Candidates who have completed 10-12 courses may omit 2 grades
         + Candidates who have completed 8 courses or less may not omit any grades
         + GPA must include 2 science grades (if you have a science course in progress, you may only omit 1 science grade)
    Please refer to the Prerequisite Requirements document for Adjusted Nursing GPA guidelines.
    When you press Calculate the application platform will calculate your Science, Nursing, and Adjusted Nursing GPAs and Total Points.
Course Institution Term Year
Course No. Grade Units Grade Points
Calculation Formula
Prerequisite & Corequisite Courses
Check Box to Omit Class
from GPA Calculation
Example: Sac City Fall 2016 Biol 430 A 3
Oral Communication
(Any GE Area A1)
Written Communication
(Any GE Area A2)
Critical Thinking
(Any GE Area A3)
(Any GE Area B4 Statistics)
lab optional (if separate)

Anatomy or A&P I
lab (if separate)

Physiology or A&P II
lab (if separate)

(Quarter system) A&P III
lab (if separate)

lab (if separate)

Introductory Psychology
Societal-Cultural Patterns Course
"Life Span" Human Development
"Life Span" Human Development II
(Quarter System)

"Life Span" Human Development III
(Quarter System)

Science GPA TEAS Points
Nursing GPA (Total Grade Points ÷ Total Units) Adjusted Nursing GPA Points
Adjusted Nursing GPA (discludes omitted courses) Optional Criteria Points
Total Points
If you listed courses that are in progress, you are required to provide transcripts to confirm your IP courses are completed with a C- or better grade. Your Science, Nursing and "Adjusted" Nursing GPAs will not be recalculated when your IP grades are received unless you fail or drop a course. If you do not receive a grade of C- or better your GPA will be recalculated and your rank in the applicant pool and admission status will be corrected.